Kristy's Home Defense

Your Neighbor Kristy needs your help.

Weld County ForeclosuresThe foreclosure crisis in Weld County peaked in 2009 with 19.1 times the historic average number of foreclosures.

According to Audits done in several communities and the National Foreclosure Settlement 80% to 85% of those were fraudulent.

These are not just statistics! These are real people, our neighbors, being stripped of their property rights, their homes, and put out on the street.

Kristy is a neighbor of ours who has been fraudulently foreclosed on and is fighting for all our rights.

Kristy Occupy Home day 1
Bank of America’s own representatives admit in recorded phone calls, that they caused the default on Kristy's home by refusing to accept her payments for still unknown reasons. Kristy had never missed a payment and is able to make reasonable payments now. They refuse to allow Kristy to make her payments and have foreclosed on her. She is facing eviction next week.

This exhausting and often traumatic struggle to save her home of 15 years became too much for her husband. The love of Kristy's life left her saying that she should just have given up. Kristy can’t find it in her to give up. She is fighting not only for her home, but for what is right.

Fannie Mae acknowledges in court papers that Bank of America caused the default in Kristy's loan, so should not have been able to foreclose. They are now evicting Kristy claiming they are not responsible for the actions of Bank of America although they were acting as their servicer. Because our foreclosure laws, that were rewritten by foreclosure mill attorneys are do not provide Due Process they are Unconstitutional and Kristy was never given a day in court to present the evidence for consideration in hearing. When questioning the constitutionality of our foreclosure laws U.S. District Judge William Martinez "Colorado is the only state in the country that allows an unsworn statement by an attorney for a foreclosing party — without any penalty — to say, 'Trust me, judge, these guys are the qualified holder for this deed of trust,' " Martinez said. "Is there another state that has lowered the bar for a foreclosure any lower?"

All across the nation communities are coming together to take a stand against unjust and fraudulent foreclosures. During times of crisis we always pull together. Imagine a national natural disaster that struck 20 million homes displacing over 6.5 million families and you can begin to sense the scale of foreclosures in America. We ask you to join us in supporting Kristy during this ordeal and forgive the nuisance of the news crews that may show up in town.

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 Please sign this Occupy Our Homes Petition for Bank of America and Fannie Mae to return Kristy's stolen home.
Kristy had never missed a payment when Bank of America suddenly refused to take her payments. After Bank of America caused Kristy to go into default they then strung her along through seven attempted modifications saying they were the only way she could stay in her home.