Our Mission

Our goal is to reverse the disastrous trend of foreclosures, evictions and sinking housing values. We continue to bear witness to the predatory and fraudulent actions of the financial and mortgage industries and stand arm in arm with those individuals and communities victimized by them. Through education, sharing of resources, legislative changes, community outreach, and direct actions, we seek to keep people in their homes, support our communities, and work for an economy that benefits all people.
Remove The Stigma

We intend to remove the stigma that there is in our communities toward families facing foreclosure. 

Assumption: Many people seem to feel that they are immune to the foreclosure crisis. That it is simply a financial crisis that effects only people that have fallen on hard times. 

The Truth: No one is immune! This crisis is driven by bad business practices on the part of mortgage servicing companies. The company that forecloses does not own the loan. They get paid servicing fees for handling the paperwork. They get paid more to foreclose than they do to keep everything running smoothly. Many people who are doing fine financially have lost their homes just trying to "Get a Lower interest Rate." 

Assumption: The foreclosure crisis and recession were caused by "People getting loans that shouldn't have gotten loans."

The Truth: The foreclosure crisis and recession were caused by  supposed "financial experts" devising and selling mortgages that were destined to fail. They knew that we would not be able to afford payments that doubled but told us we would just refinance before that happened. This meant everyone could qualify for much higher loans. The lenders pushed us all to buy more expensive houses which drove the prices extremely high. Soon it cost $250,000+ to buy a starter home. (Just a small down payment on the American Dream.) When the bubble burst we could no longer refinance out of the bad loans or afford the predatory payments. Don't blame the victim!