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Video: Teach-In Panel – Defend Our Homes, Protect Our Communities

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On May 3, 2012, the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition presented a teach-in panel called “Defend Our Homes… Protect Our Communities: A call to action from the front lines of the war on corporate corruption.”

Produced by Gary Crabtree for Occupy Now TV

In 2007 rampant fraud in the mortgage industry triggered a financial crisis throughout the world economy. Within two years 7.5 million American workers lost their jobs and an attempt to cover their original crimes, the Banksters have fraudulently forced 15.5 million homes into foreclosure. Thousands across the country have joined together in the fight to save our communities. If you want to havea direct impact now, please join us for a panel discussion on out how to get into the fight.

Panel of Activists:

Corrine Fowler – The Economic Justice Director at the Colorado Progressive Coalition.
Corrine has gained an extensive knowledge from experience of how to fight foreclosures through Legislative and DirectAction.

Chad Kautzer – A philosophy professor who specializes in Social and Political Philosophy.
Chad is active in Occupy Denver and has been giving teach-ins on the financial causes and Wall Street corruption that led to the foreclosure crisis.

Steven Bailey – The victim of a fraudulent foreclosure in which his family lost their home and livelihood.
Steve offers the perspective of how these crimes are impacting the lives of the victims and how the Occupy movement will empower us to fight back.

Capitalism, Foreclosures and the Politics of Responsibility.

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Chad Kautzer delivers the second part of his Occupy Economics series: Capitalism, Foreclosures and the Politics of Responsibility. This teach-in occurred on February 2, 2012 and was put on by the Occupy and Educate Denver committee. 

OCCUPY Foreclosure Fraud Teach-In with Corrine Fowler

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Corrine Fowler The director of The Colorado Progressive Coalition speaks to OCCUPY DENVER Teach-in. Descriptions of fraudulent foreclosure practices by the banks and the attempts by banks to pay an estimated 25 billion for approximate 330 billion dollars in underwater mortgages. Produced by Gary Crabtree / Zggary for OccupyNowTV

Foreclosure Teach-in with Attorney Keith Gantenbein

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Keith Gantenbein is a Colorado attorney, focusing on foreclosure-related issues. He has represented major lenders in the mortgage industry while working at the largest foreclosure firm in Colorado. Keith Gantenbein is a published author on the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act.  He has practiced in front of almost every district judge in Colorado.

Keith Gantenbein has represented Bank of America, Citi Mortgage, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, GMAC, Chase, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, US Bank, Deutsche Bank, HomEq, Greenpoint Mortgage, Litton Loan Servicing, Ocwen-and more. 

Mr. Gantenbein has extensive experience and knowledge in ALL aspects of lending and foreclosure law and knows how lenders and banks think and what they look for for.

He has a detailed perspective of the mortgage and foreclosure industry and now passionately represents homeowners facing foreclosure.

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