Eviction on Peaceful Valley Lane

CFRC and Occupy Denver Prevent the First Attempt to Wrongfully Evict Idaho Springs Resident.
Idaho Springs Occupation by Occupy Denver of Sarah Donahue's Home of 25 years.

The Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition and Occupy Denver delayed the eviction of Sahara Donahue in Idaho Springs from her home of 24 years. When the Realtor arrived to her house on Wednesday October 24, 2012, a houseful of occupiers stated that they were not going to leave the house. The Realtor left stating he would return October 30th with the Sheriff. The delay in the eviction allowed time for some prized memories be safely removed from the house.
Sheriffs Department Endangers Public's Safety in an
Attempt to Intimidate Homeowners from Standing Up for Their Rights!

YouTube Video

During the October 30th eviction of Sarah Donahue from her home of 24 years the Clear Creak County Sheriffs Department used excessive force and endangered the public's safety in an attempt to intimidate homeowners from fighting their evictions in the future.

Video of the events are posted here.

Idaho Springs Eviction

D6 Day of Action Castle And Stawiarski Promotional Video

December 6th is the anniversary of Occupy Our Homes and in celebration we joined a great number of Foreclosure Resistance Activists through out the nation in a coordinated stand. We will turn the tables by
foreclosing on Castle Stawiarski, the law-ish firm that has defrauded so many families out of their homes in Colorado.

***We must warn you that this footage was filmed live and includes an excessive amount of violent language used by the Clear Creak County Sheriffs Department.***